Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Holden's Christmas List

I'm adding links for a lot of these because it's easier than trying to explain them.

Star Wars Attacktix

This is a game that Holden and I play all the time. He absolutley loves it. Actually, I do too. Also, these are the type of toys where duplicates don't matter.

Other Star Wars Toys

(11/23/05) NOTE: I have it on good authority from the North Pole that the following Hot Wheels item has been taken care of. --BB

Hot Wheels

  • Hot Wheels Gorilla Attack

Other Toys

  • Any Teen Titans stuff (especially the 3.5" action figures, vehicles and accessories)
  • Doodle Monster
  • Legos (or other compatible building blocks, such as Mega Bloks)
  • Any age-appropriate Leap Pad or Leapster game cartridges

There are also several DVDs and chapter books that he has mentioned. I'll try to post them soon.

Up next: Princess Emaline's list


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