Wednesday, November 23, 2005

DVDs and More DVDs

As promised, here is a list of DVDs the kids have mentioned, pointed out in the store, or tried to shoplift.



And for both:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Emaline's Christmas List

These are offered in order (to some extent) of most-talked-about items to least-talked-about ones. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if she REALLY wants something, or if she just watched a commercial for it and wants to discuss what she saw.

  • Any of the Disney Princess toys (She's especially fond of Cinderella and Ariel, the Little Mermaid)
  • a Baby Annabell doll (This thing kinda creeps me out, but it's not my list.)
  • Any Groovy Girls dolls or accessories (She only has one doll, so I wouldn't worry about duplicates.)
  • Any Dora the Explorer toys (Or anything else, for that matter. Emaline would love a pipe wrench if it had Dora on it.)
  • Doodle Monster
  • Any age-appropriate My First LeapPad game cartridges
  • Any age-appropriate picturebooks (This girl loves books. Even though she can't read, she will sit down with a book and make up her own story based on the pictures. It's very cute. Of course, EVERYTHING she does is cute.)

I will add her DVD list when I add Holden's.

And for those of you who have been giving me grief over my lack of blog updates, these last two entries totally count.

Holden's Christmas List

I'm adding links for a lot of these because it's easier than trying to explain them.

Star Wars Attacktix

This is a game that Holden and I play all the time. He absolutley loves it. Actually, I do too. Also, these are the type of toys where duplicates don't matter.

Other Star Wars Toys

(11/23/05) NOTE: I have it on good authority from the North Pole that the following Hot Wheels item has been taken care of. --BB

Hot Wheels

  • Hot Wheels Gorilla Attack

Other Toys

  • Any Teen Titans stuff (especially the 3.5" action figures, vehicles and accessories)
  • Doodle Monster
  • Legos (or other compatible building blocks, such as Mega Bloks)
  • Any age-appropriate Leap Pad or Leapster game cartridges

There are also several DVDs and chapter books that he has mentioned. I'll try to post them soon.

Up next: Princess Emaline's list